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Organizing a Journey for Justice Event: Writing a News Release

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Creating a Public Service Announcement

Most radio stations feature a community bulletin board to air free announcements of local events (called public service announcements or PSA's).

You'll have to call each station (or find a volunteer in your group to take this responsibility) to learn details of its policy, including time limit (usually 20 seconds). Sometimes they will require a typewritten notice up to a month in advance.

Local TV stations, or cable TV networks, are also worth checking for free announcements.

A sample 20 second announcement might read:

Did you know that one in 20 U.S. citizens can expect to serve time in prison in their lifetime? The war on drugs is behind the imprisonment of millions of citizens. Join other concerned citizens at [Place] on [Date and Time] for a public forum that will address the injustice of the war on drugs and what you can do about it.


 End the Drug War!