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Organizing a Journey for Justice Event: Writing a News Release

Organizing Journey Events
Journey Event Introduction
Organizing a Public Event
Find a Journey Leader

Register as a Journey XActivist
Types of Meetings
XSpeaker's Forum
XDiscussion Group
XPrivate Meeting
XMedia Appearance

Technical Assistance
Choosing a Meeting Location
Order Supplies

Publicity - You Want It!
XGetting an Audience
XYou and the Media
XNewspaper Listing
XRadio/TV Bulletin (PSA)
XNews Releases & Samples
XDesigning Flyers/Posters
XUsing Mail and Phone
XUsing the Internet!
XPublicizing a Journey Event XXon our Website

Sign-up Sheets/Petitions
Phone Tree
Volunteer Questionnaire

Grassroots Organizing
Getting Started
Starting a Local Group
Expanding Your Network
The First Meeting
Forming a Family Group

Making a Display

Vigil, Rally, Demonstrate
Presenting a Video Series

Reading Room
Intro & Contents
Media Resources
10 Tips to End the Drug War
Becoming an Activist

Communication Skills
Closing Your Letters/Memos
Tax Credits for Volunteers
Working with Legislators
Honest Hope and
XThe Hundredth Monkey
Overcoming Masculine

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Starting a local group

As you begin meeting people and distributing literature, or becoming active in other community education efforts, you'll meet individuals who feel and think the way you do about the prisoners of the drug war and the need for drug law reform. You do not necessarily need to find people to associate with before you begin, but joining others, or forming a group, can amplify your efforts quickly.

Politicians are able to get legislation passed only by creating a "broad base of support"-that means a network of supporters that helps them get bills passed. It's the same for all of us. We are building a broad base of support, and from this foundation, the November Coalition network will increase public pressure on our lawmakers. Only public pressure will bring reform of our drug laws. We work toward that goal, and we are educating everyone we meet.

Although it's not absolutely necessary, you can increase your effectiveness by joining forces and forming a group. The media, government, and other citizens give serious consideration and credibility to the views of a large group.

Finding volunteers to work with you

Few people reach defined goals alone or with little help. We all have "networks" of people that provide friendship and support. Your friends, family, co-workers, teachers, supervisors, mentors and clergy all make up your network.

  • Make a list of people you know and review the list carefully. Think about these people and how they might want to help you. Circle the names of those people you will want to talk to about forming a November Coalition group in your area.
  • Do some research about groups, organizations and people you discover who are already tackling the issue. Add them to your list. This can be the basis for your early network of potential volunteers. Start talking to these people about the issue and ask them if they would like to work with you.
  • If you have groups of friends or associates who know each other, invite them over for a "potluck" lunch or dinner where you will "discuss an important issue that is close to your heart," or "of great concern." Or, best yet, tell them exactly why you are inviting them - to discuss the possibilities of forming a November Coalition group in your area.

It is within this intimate group that you will probably meet one or two people immediately interested in working with you.

Now you have at least a group of two. You have reviewed "Getting started, working alone or in a group" and are working on at least one of our suggested projects. Now it is time to increase your growth. "Expanding Your Network," "The First Meeting," and "Forming a Family Group" will help you build even more support for your local November Coalition group.

Despite your best attempts to encourage friends and associates to work with you, if you are unable to find volunteers, the next section details other ways to attract support.

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