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Organizing a Journey for Justice Event: Writing a News Release

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Event Submission for Website Inclusion

The Journey for Justice Event Schedule is read by the local and national media. Sometimes we receive press coverage as a result of the website publicity alone. Your meeting information needs to be thorough -- and must be accurate.

There are lots of young and 'budding' documentary film makers, covering political issues and social movements. We encourage their participation. The information you submit is crucial to many ways that the Journey for Justice grows. Please take time to give your attention to the following details.

We will need the following information before we can include the event you are scheduling on the Journey for Justice Event Schedule:

  • Name of group, with contact person and complete contact information. (If you have registered as a Journey for Justice Organizer, we have this information.)
  • Name of the event if you have given it a special name
  • Date, day of week and time
  • Place the event is being held
  • Directions to the place of the event - remember that you may have to give west/south/east and northbound directions. You may provide a simple graphical map if you want to.
  • Mass transit instructions (for bus routes, subways, commuter trains, etc
  • Website URL's of groups co-sponsoring the event.
  • Names of special local or national guest speakers (besides Journey for Justice Participants), their contact information, and complete titles, and URL's of websites that give biographical information.
  • Any other information for your particular event you want us to consider including on the Journey Event Schedule.
  • If you can convert your Public Event publicity poster/flyer into a PDF document, we can post it with the Journey event schedule. Perhaps strangers will download and hang notices of public Journey events in other neighborhoods your volunteers won't cover. See Flyers and Posters for our samples, including fill-in-the-blank-and-print PDF documents that you can use with your Journey for Justice event..

When you're ready, e-mail the information above to: schedule@november.org



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