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Media Archive: March on DC in the News

From Drug Truth Network: Journey For Justice On-site Coverage, August, 2005 (mP3 audio): Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Clips from the above webcasts: Nora Callahan, Director of The November Coalition -- Amy Ralston, founder of the Can-Do Foundation; Garry Jones, the Advocate 4 Justice (mP3 audio)

National Grass Roots Rally For Justice and Prison Reform; from Harambee Radio Network (US), 8/14/05

Washington Rally Calls For Mass Prison Reform from Democracy Now (US TV/Web), 8/15/05 (Transcript & video available)

Activists Rally To Revise Prison Policies; from Washington Post (DC), 8/14/05

Two Million in Prison Too Many! Rally in D.C Aug 13; from American Chronicle (US), 8/13/05

March on Washington Aug. 13: Over 2 Million Imprisoned - Too Many! from San Francisco Bay View (CA), 8/10/05

Media Alert: Families March on DC for Justice Reform; from NAMC NewsWire (US), 8/8/05

Prison Protest Aiming for DC in Eight Days; from Drug War Chronicle (US Web), 8/5/05

Two Million Imprisoned = Too Many; from WireTap (US Web), 8/4/05

MEDIA ADVISORY - July 21, 2005: Lone Cyclist on 'Do-or-Die' Quest for Justice

Listen to the NEW Public Sevice Announcement!; featuring Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) in mP3 Format, from Drug Truth Network

A crew from Michael Productions will be filming a documentary at the FMI March on Washington, DC. View the trailer here.

War On Drugs Is Not Delivering Peace; from Collegiate Times (VA Edu), 7/21/05

Going Into Battle With Fear; from Our Chronic Pain Mission (US-Web), June 2005

Friends Of The Incarcerated Mobilizing For March On DC; from Independent Politics News (US), Summer 2005

Two Million Is Too Many!; from The Drug War Chronicle (US Web), 7/8/05

It's Time to Build a Mass Movement; from The Black Commentator (US), 6/30/05

March on Washington; from WUPA-TV; UPN 69 Atlanta (GA), 6/28/05

June 25, 2005, New York City. The "Grandpa Al Lewis" Radio Program, 12:30 PM EST on WBAI-AM. Featuring Roberta Franklin, Executive Director of Family and Friends of People Incarcerated and lead organizer of the August 15 March on Washington, DC.

June 16, 2005, Archived Radio Webcast. Juveniles Tried As Adults: Part 3. On the Annie Armen Live Series. Roberta Franklin, lead organizer of the March on Washington DC, appeared on the last segment to promote the DC March. For more info, see www.anniearmenlive.org/juveniles.htm.

Listen to the Public Sevice Announcement; (mP3 Format) from Drug Truth Network

Opinion: Our CRIMINAL 'Justice' System; from Rense.com (US), 5/25/05

LTE: Speak Out ... On March on Washington; from The Anniston Star (AL), 5/9/05

USA: Abu Ghraibs Every Day; from Some Of The Above News (US Web), 4/23/05

House Conservatives Pushing Bill to "Fix" Sentencing, Increase Mandatory Minimums, Create New Drug Crimes; from The Drug War Chronicle (US Web), 4/22/05

Media Contact:

Family and Friends of People Incarcerated
Roberta Franklin, Director
2243 Ajax Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36108
Phone: 334-220-4670; 334-834-9592
E-mail: firstladytms©aol.com

News Release: June 27, 2005 (Click here for PDF version)
For Immediate Release

Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated March on Washington, DC: August 13th, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Lafayette Park

Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated, an organization based in Montgomery, Alabama is calling for individuals and organizations to travel from their respective communities. Come to Washington, DC on Saturday, August 13th, from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM at Lafayette Park (north side of the White House) to be heard.

The United States imprisons its citizens at rates three to ten times higher than other democratic societies and holds 25% of the world's prison population. Racially discriminatory mandatory sentencing drug laws and 'get tough' policies have made prisons crowded, dangerous and places where international human rights laws are broken every day. US prisons are guilty of torture of men, women and children housed there and do not contribute to a safer society. The impact of continued bias in employment of former prisoners, lack of voting rights and affordable housing adds stress to poorer US communities and families.

The March on August 13th is intended to send a message to US leaders that violation of international law, the continued use of the poor and bodies of color as a business commodity and the current arrest, sentencing and prison procedures are no longer acceptable. Leaders of the March note that the US must stop relying on incarceration as a first resort, provide young people with an equitable education and provide our communities with the means to equal opportunity. Abuse flourishes in US prisons, and the punishment industry is dependent on bodies of color and the poor, similar to the dynamics of slavery.

Millions of formerly imprisoned citizens can no longer vote. Laws that partially or permanently discourage good citizenship cannot be supported by evidence and is bad policy.

Please support the call of Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated, marking August 13th, 2005 a historical day. We will no longer be silent victims of criminal justice policies that target the most vulnerable citizens. We are meeting in Washington, DC to make a unified demand for justice.

Individuals and groups will begin meeting on Friday evening, August 12th. On Saturday morning, August 13th, people will assemble at Lafayette Park (north side of the White House). Programming will begin at 9:00 AM and run through 2:00 PM.

Please make plans to be there, and support the March Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated in all the ways that you can. If you would like to be an organizer and bring a group to March in Washington on August 13th, please Register as an Organizer online at www.journeyforjustice.org/register.html, or write:

Contact Information

Roberta Franklin at firstladytms@aol.com
Sherry Swiney at taoss@worldnet.att.net
Tom Murlowski at tom@november.org
Pam Thrasher at Bamajustus@aol.com

Website: www.journeyforjustice.org

Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated (FMI)
Roberta Franklin, Director
2243 Ajax Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36108
Phone: 334-220-4670; 334-834-9592 or 334-868-0312


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